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[ADV] Neighbor's Family ver 0.3

Year : 11 October, 2017
Censorship : UNCEN
Genre : Visual Novel, Date-Sim, Erotic Adventure, Male Protagonist, Sexy Girls,
Platform: PC/Windows Mac
Language: English
Size : 658 Mb

You've got a role of a simple guy, to whom one fine morning the neighbour knocked at the door, asking for help.
Before you there is a choice with several varantami, from which will depend the further development of events. For example, deciding to pay more attention to the mother of the main character, you will lose the opportunity to contemplate the storyline associated with the daughter and you will have to replay first again. Also, in the future, you will open additional functions related to the mutual relations between the characters, for example, influence on debauchery, sympathy and submission.

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