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[H-Game][ADV][English] Chichi Miko!! Plus 1 ~Sobo to Musume no Sakunyuu Harem~

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Ten years after the events -
My name Matsushita Ukyo. At the moment I am helping Molochny Temple. Of course, lactic priestess, my grandmother, was still in good health and continues to serve in the temple. And, as a result of the ceremony chicha myco between me and grandmother, she was born a daughter, Kiyoko, which quickly grew into a sweet girl.
Blue-eyed Kiyoko is very similar to my grandmother as her beauty and breast size.
Every time her breasts tremble in my presence, something hurts, and rejoice with me.
But despite this, we are happy to live as a family threesome.
However, recently there was a small problem.
Kiyoko recently too tender and gentle with me ...
I am happy, but on the other hand, I feel a little bad? But I think that there is a place that will help me understand how to solve the troubles.
The story begins with a shy like these days ...

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